Nekoturr's Realm
(Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy)
Rating: Older Teen (16+)

In the distant future, there exists a planet for all of the orphans of the universe called "Nekoturr's Resort." Rukii, a fellow orphan, calls it "Nekoturr's Realm" instead, seeing it as a castle prison instead of a resort vacation. After Nekoturr begins allowing visitors to come to the planet, Rukii becomes rebellious, hating that their home is being used for commercial purposes. His mind and heart slowly change once he meets a particular visitor who is the spiritual antithesis of everything he's ever known. Upon meeting other friends and foes, he begins to question his origins and seeks to discover the truth inside of himself.

My Sweet Indulgence
(Romance, Comedy)
Rating: Teen (13+)

Teri Tenki was just your average overly-zealous, overtly-critical, perfection-seeking beauty school student who isnít at all ashamed to tell anyone about their hideousness in public. Teriís life suddenly 180's after she gets a letter from her 10-year crush-turned-model, Toran Tashube. But life just doesnít seem to go as planned when she discovers that his mode of ďchangeĒ isnít what she had expected!

(Drama, Comedy)
Rating: All Ages

Anxious Asaoka needs help coping with becoming more successful in her writing career and becoming more busy with her dating life! After talking with her friend, Donna, about her recent breakup, she wishes to quit dating, altogether. Asaoka tries to focus on her writing to forget her relationship problems, but she discovers that her writing career is suffering as well! Since her problems are interconnected, can they also be solved with a simple solution? What's a busy writer to do?

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The Hitchhiker
(Romance, Drama)
Rating: All Ages

A lonely hitchhiker, Kokaku Karinga, tries to overcome her sadness by hitchhiking in a deserted area. She runs into Haruo Kenji, whose kindness allows Kokaku to open up about her past... but as she continues on, will Haruo become the key to her happiness or her further suffering?

(Romance, Drama)
Rating: All Ages

A baggage handler experiences the pains and joys of finding love, and having to let it go. For the Silent Manga Audition Contest of 2012-2013. No dialogue.



A disgruntled mother and her energetic son go on a plane ride that changes their appreciation of each other. For the Silent Manga Audition Contest of 2013-2014. No dialogue.
Mystery of the Black Water
(Action, Drama, Romance)
Rating: 10+

Leslie Magistroff, a lover of video games, becomes tossed into a simulated reality of her own when her family gets transformed into Black Water monsters! She has to discover a way to save them and the city, but it may not be as simple as a video game...

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Currently being published by Lime Media Hawaii


"Sense: My Five Senses With Bronchitis"

"Let's Meet Plot Device!"

"Acid Snow"

"Either pay for it now..."



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