"My Sweet Indulgence"



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Issue #1

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"Targeting Israeli Apartheid: A BDS Handbook"
Comics written by Sean Micheal Wilson, Illustrated by Rejena Smiley

Order the book: Corporate Watch Online Shop

Download a copy: Corporate Watch (.pdf)

If you download the pdf., the comic can be found at the following pages:
PDF Page #/ Actual Book Page #- Title
46/32- Fruits of Apartheid
134/120- The Wall Against the Bedouin
145/159- Bil’in
285/271- The National Jewish Fund
357/343- Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

"Bits and Bobs", by Sean Michael Wilson, and other artists.
(A 220 page compilation of works, including our 20-page Israeli comic)

-Illustrated Books-
"Magic, Giggles and Love"
Poems written by Barbara Kellom, Illustrated by Rejena Smiley

Colored Paperback Book: Amazon